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Questions to Ask When Choosing Cremation Services

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Although cremations have become more common, there are people who still have concerns about the process or who might feel that it is not the best option for their loved one. If you are not sure whether you want your loved one cremated, asking for help from Bon Air, VA funeral home and cremations providers can be a good way to begin. Ask a few simple questions and you will be able to make the right decision.  

Is a Memorial Service Still a Possibility? 

One of the concerns that people have with cremation services is the fear of not being able to honor their loved one with a service of some kind. In fact, when you choose cremation, you will be able to plan the service much more carefully than you would with traditional burial. With a burial, you will have to rush to get the remains buried, but with a cremation, you can have the service after you have the cremated remains.  

What Options are Available? 

The options for a cremation can be varied. There are regular, or direct, cremations as well as other options like bio cremation. This option uses water instead of heat to break the body down and can be better for the environment. If you are not sure about which one to select, take the time to ask about each choice.  

What Urns are Necessary? 

Urns are not a requirement. A funeral home or cremation provider cannot make you purchase one. If you come to the cremation with any kind of box, that is perfectly fine. If you do decide on an urn, there can be lots of choices. Depending on your budget, the size of the person, the style, and the kind of use you want from it, you will be able to find choices that fit perfectly. There are even keepsake urns that can store bits of the ashes and that you can wear.  

How is Identification Maintained? 

Identification is maintained carefully with cremation. Unlike with a traditional burial, which you can undo if necessary, this is not an option with cremation services. That is why the companies take such careful measures to ensure that identification is done correctly and that all if the paperwork is in order. They are experts at this and they take serious care to avoid any issues.  

All of these questions are important when deciding if cremation is right for a loved one. Anything else that you are concerned about, you will also want to ask. The right funeral home and cremations provider in Bon Air, VA will be more than happy to offer their suggestions and to answer any questions you may have. You can easily get started making enquiries by contacting Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. They are located at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd Richmond, VA 23234, where you can visit in person, or you can give them a call at (804) 275-7828 to speak with the director today. 

How to Plan a Life Celebration with the Help of a Funeral Home

The honoring of a loved one after their death does not always have to be a sad, somber event. If your loved one was a gregarious person who loved life and parties, why not have a life celebration instead? Bon Air, VA funeral home and cremations providers can easily help with the planning of a life celebration. There are a lot of great ideas that can make the event one that will bring closure and healing to all of the guests.

Music is one of the crucial things to consider when planning a life celebration. Music sets the mood more than anything else. Most funeral homes have ideas and some have even playlists that you can use, but it can always be a good option to ask friends and family about music that reminds them of the departed loved one. You can also hire musicians to play songs that they loved that are upbeat. If you do not know local musicians, most funeral homes have contacts in the area that you can depend on.

Activities are also something else to keep in mind when planning a life celebration. Most funerals are passive events unless you say a few words, so why not make a life celebration something in which everyone can participate? Funeral homes do these kinds of celebrations often, so if you do not know where to begin, you can ask them for ideas. Some great options are to ask guests to bring pictures of the deceased so that you can all put together a memory collage. If your loved one enjoyed certain board games, it can also be a unique idea to gather the guests and play it. Think of activities that you associate with your loved one and adjust it for a large group of people.

For food and drinks, many people choose to offer everything that the deceased enjoyed. Do not be afraid to offer fun cocktails or punch that is colorful. If you are having the life celebration and reception at the funeral home, then finger foods are the way to go. When you start planning this part of the event, reach out to family members and friends who knew your loved one so that you can put together a selection of favorite foods and drinks.

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A life celebration is not for everyone, but it can be an incredible way of honoring someone who died. It allows people to focus not on the death but on the way that loved one affected their lives. If this is something that you want to do, be sure to ask the funeral home and cremations providers in Bon Air, VA about their suggestions. The right provider will be happy to help and will do their utmost to make it a positive, healing experience. Reach out to a business like Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd Richmond, VA 23234. Call (804) 275-7828 to get started.